Our Services


We produce a wide range of knit fabric garments such as Polo-shirts, T-shirts, Tank tops, Henley’s, knitted dresses, jackets and pants.
Our fabric range includes: Jersey, Pique, Interlock, Ribs, Stipes, among others.
The production capacity allow us to handle both: small and large orders; our team of skilled professionals ensures that all products meet the highest quality standards


Let us dress you up for those regular casual meet-ups that make you look prettier with a simple touch-up


Not sure what color to go with? We’ll help you right from picking the right hair color or applying it for you.


We have 3 haircut specialists in our team who can give you a complete make-over with just a haircut.

Our Processes

At Alianza Color, we believe in sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices. We ensure that our production process is environmentally friendly.
Our materials are sourced from reliable suppliers and we ensure that our production process minimize waste and reduce environmental impact.

Product Development

Analysis of all process of pre-production.
Development of patterns and cutting templates .
Analysis of shrinkage and production timing.


We have modern circular knitting machines (ORIZIO brand) that allow us quickly manufacture, we can make varieties of circular knitting such us: Jersey, Pique. Rib, Interlock solid and engineering stripes.

Dyeing & Laundry

Alianza Color, has modern dyeing machines of different sizes which allow us to offer different range of colors bath, as well as sales samples requests.
We can offer different finishes as : fabric pannel wash, garment wash (silicone wash, satin wash, chroma wash, sand wash, etc.


Creation of optimal pattern drafting for better yield of fabric.
Panel cutting , laundering to confirm shrinkage, piece cutting, qualification and packing for delivery to sewing.
* 2 Cutting tables (26 Meters each one)
* 6 Manual Cutters
* 1 Fusing Machine


150 sewing machine in house/ outsourcing.
Garment manufacturing, thread cleaning, inspection and quality audit of garments.

Printing & Embroidery

140 station screen print presses with which we can develop practically all printing techniques such as water based, plastisol, glitter, shimmer, discharge, burn out, rock base, fluorine, foil, 3D, etc.


Reception of garments for ironing, packaging and final audit measurement.